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G Adventures Introduces A New Way To Travel With Wellness Adventures

Today, G Adventures introduces a new collection of tours dedicated to wellness and adventure -- its first new product launch since...

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Journey to the Most Intriguing Natural Phenomena on the Planet

Toronto, Canada. May 1, 2018:Whether looking up to the sky to spot the aurora borealis dancing over Iceland’s snow-capped...

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Easter Andes Birding

Pack your binoculars and head on over to the spectacular Colombian mountains in Eastern Andes. In this rich bio-geographic region,...

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Serrania del Abibe & Darien Birding

Uraba Antioqueño is a new birding location, opened recently after the political conflict in Colombia. It is a real paradise of...

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Colombia for Students – Bahia Solano

Technology and modern day life have evolved so quickly that our children are trapped in a world of video games and internet. They now...

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The Lost City

The Lost City (Ciudad Perdida in Spanish) was “discovered” in 1972 when a group of local treasure looters found a series of stone...

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Lowlands Birding Tour

Plan your next trip to Magdalena and Santa Marta, a favorite for birdwatchers and the birds themselves. Colombia has the biggest biodiversity...

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Hiking Los Nevados Park

The Central Colombian range is a volcanic formation that groups different mountains. This is the place where you can find 4 of the...

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Rainbow River Caño Cristales

Start your trip in a cable car ride to reach the top of the Monserrat hill in Bogota, and in its sanctuary, you'll find a beautiful...

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Santa Isabel Volcano

Spending more time in Los Nevados Park is a perfect opportunity to experience the varied ecosystems found in the park: perpetual snow,...

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Highlands Birding Tour

Adventure yourself on a Highlands Birding Tour in the Colombian mountains in Central and Western Andes that include the amazing Choco...

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Wildland Adventures Introduces Three New Tour Itineraries to the Emerging Travel Hot Spot of Colombia

Successful tour operation requires months if not years of careful research and planning. One award-winning travel company, known for...

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