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UNESCO World Heritage Sites :: Why They're Important (and Why You Should Go)

You’re in a conversation about travel and gushing about some of the most beautiful places on Earth.... How long before a UNESCO...

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Spotlight :: Galapagos

If you’re searching for an epic retreat that combines unbelievable animal adventures, boundless natural wonders and juicy yoga...

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Non-Essential Travel Essentials

Packing light is an art form and we salute anyone who achieves it (we try but don’t always succeed…ha). But, if you’re...

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Lima vs Quito: Capital City Comparison

Capital cities in South America are a unique mix of modern architecture and colonial charm – and two of our personal favorites...

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G Adventures’ Reveals its Top 12 Destinations For 2019 Travel

"The Adventurer's Dozen" list includes Taiwan and Senegal, two new destinations for the award-winning tour operator Boston, MA--...

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Galapagos Essentials - What You Need To Know

Many consider atripto the Galapagosas a"trip-of-a-lifetime",but if you're like most aspiring Galapagosadventurers,...

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Illa Experience Hotel chosen as one of the World's Greatest Places 2018 by TIME

"It’s easy to find guides to famous attractions. But which new and newly relevant destinations are worth experiencing right now?"...

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From the Andes to the Ecuadorian Amazon, my experience!

As an Ecuadorian, it makes me proud think that I come from an exuberant country, very rich in culture, flora, fauna, and life! Nonetheless,...

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In the Galapagos, G Adventures Adds New Vessel and Eliminates Single-Use Plastic for 2019

Leading small group adventure tour operator G Adventures has added a fifth yacht to its fleet of chartered vessels for the Galapagos...

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7 Frequently Asked Questions from a European Traveler about Ecuador

Maybe you can agree with us that there are still many questions that haven´t been answered yet about Ecuador, and you or either your...

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Best Hiking Trails in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos could be an example of evolution, rare wildlife, and beautiful landscapes, however, the Enchanted Islands offer great hiking...

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Galapagos in Summertime (Webinar), Journeys, Promos, and More

Summer is one of the busiest periods of the year in many destinations because families tend to travel during this season. However,...

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