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Yoga Trek in Everest Himalayas!

Story by Himalayan Planet Adventures

Posted: January 14, 2014

Yoga at Everest Base Camp
Everest base camp yoga trek
An adventure base company from Nepal Himalayas offers Yoga trekking in Everest Himalayas. This is new experience for us as the World trekkers keep their eyes on this service offer. It is amazing that this trips offer 3 benefits like trekking up to base camp of Mount Everest, Yoga for body fitness and mentally refreshment and extra services as body massage daily during the trekking period.

There were many offers about Yoga trekking in Himalayas and the rules of yoga, cost and itinerary has designed according to the operator. We give you traditional Hathe yoga inspired by Yogi Purna, who spend about 20 years in India and back to Nepal to give best yoga for human health. We aim to give best trekking experience in Himalayas along the yoga practice. If you plan to visit trekking in Himalayas why not taking another chances to learn Yoga for your health which you can practice in home after the trek. One target many achievement can lead your next travel to Nepal Himalayas! For more details visit the given link: Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek.