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By Chris Kassar

Posted: March 12, 2020


A few especially interesting articles about coronavirus, its impact and traveling.

The Coronavirus Is Much Worse Than You Think by  Samuel Paul Veissière, Ph.D, Psychology Today. How COVID-19 is infecting our minds, not our lungs. 

Why We're Still Traveling by Jesse Ashlock, Condé Nast Traveler. In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the solution isn't avoiding trips—it's being smart about them.

Fear of COVID-19 – traveling in the age of coronavirus by Michael Hodgson, HI Travel Tales. Should we be traveling in the age of coronavirus? We make our living as travel writers and photographers. For us, it’s either travel, or find another line of work. But the fear of COVID-19 is real. 

Why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus? by Owen Jones, The Guardian.  No Cobra meetings, no sombre speeches from No 10, yet the consequences of runaway global heating are catastrophic.