Ciclismo Classico Unveils First Photo, Hiking & Wine Tour of Northwest Argentina

Story by Ciclismo Classico

Posted: April 21, 2014

Arlington, MA – Join Ciclismo Classico and renowned Argentinian photographer, teacher, and documentary filmmaker, Ossian Lindholm on the first photography and high-altitude wine tour of Northwest Argentina. Lindholm will act as guide and instructor as guests spend nine days hiking through one of the most photogenic and pristine regions in the world. The landscapes, wildlife, cuisine, wine and magical culture of Northwest Argentina makes it one of the most unique destinations in South America. The company that lives by the mantra “Pedal Your Passion” is announcing a new active photo tour division: TravelVision Journeys.  The inaugural Northwest Argentina photography and wine-tasting tour departs 08/20/14. For more information, call 1.800.866.7314 or visit here.

“We are known for our award-winning bike tours, but my passion for photography has soared to new heights, and I am excited to shift gears and unveil the first of Ciclismo Classico’s active photography journeys,” said Ciclismo Classico Founder Lauren Hefferon. “Rather than spin through these timeless landscapes on bicycles, we will slow down, take 2-3 hour hikes and open our eyes to really experience the essence of this magical place with all of our senses.”

Highlights of the tour include: exploring Quebrada de Humahuaca, a narrow mountain valley located in the province of Jujuy; Las Salinas Grandes, a huge expanse of salt that defies perspective and distance; Salta La Linda; the Route of the Artisans; the National Park Los Cardones; and some of the world’s highest vineyards.

In the evenings, Lindholm will offer interactive Photoshop workshops and photography reviews, while guests sample the finest high-altitude wines in the world, including fruity white Torrontes and full-bodied red Malbecs.

“The focus of this Northwest Argentinian photography tour is its incredible landscape and distinct biomes, including the Altiplano or Puna, fertile valleys, humid sub-Andean Sierras, tropical jungles, high mountains, and the transitional ecotone region,” says Hefferon. “This area of Argentina has been called the ‘Next Tuscany’ which is perfect since Tuscany is where I launched my first bicycle tour 25 years ago and where we remain experts.”

Northwest Argentina is a land as rich as it is beautiful, with high plateaus created by volcanoes, salt flats, dry desert valleys with multi-colored mountains, and cactus forests.  The temperate green valleys, where cattle and farming sustain life, have led to the existence of a strong gaucho culture that guests will experience and photograph on lengthy hikes.