You’ll find no greater adventure than in the wild, rugged landscape of Namibia. Home to some of Africa’s most astonishing experiences, Namibia is a land ripe for discovery: journey along the country’s endless desert sands, get lost in the mighty Fish River Canyon, and explore one of the world’s oldest deserts, which crashes harmoniously with the Atlantic Ocean.

Etosha National Park
A Rich Cultural Heritage in Namibia
Antelopes in Namibia

A World without Borders

Recognizing that political boundaries have no place in ecological systems, Namibia signed a treaty on 1st August 2003 with neighboring…

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Wheels, Wings & Walking Shoes: Getting Around Namibia

There’s more than one way to view Namibia’s “endless horizons”. There are some sights you need to get that little…

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Five Things to do in Downtown Swakopmund

Swakopmund is known as Namibia’s adventure tourism capital – but in between surfing down sand dunes, kayaking with seals and…

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Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Richard Bernabe

Professional photographer Richard Bernabe has set foot in some of the most fascinating destinations on earth. Find out what drew…

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Conservation in Namibia
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