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by La Paz on Foot

La Paz on Foot Launches New Uyuni Salt Flats Expedition on Northern Coast

The massive crater of Volcan Thunupa, on the edge of the Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia.As Bolivia’s spectacular Uyuni Salt Flats appear...

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La Paz on Foot Announces 2016 Andean Food & Farm Tour Dates

Andean Food & Farms 2016 Dates: March 11 – 22 & March 25 – April 5La Paz on Foot is pleased to announce two new departure...

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Bridging the Age Gap through Community-based Tourism in Bolivia

David M. explains the main ingredients in Plato Paceño, a traditional meal featuring corn, fava beans, potatoes, fried cheese and...

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How Can I Help You? La Paz on Foot Inaugurates New Storefront in the Mamani Mamani Cultural Centre

La Paz on Foot’s friends and partners gathered to celebrate in front of the company’s new storefront in La Paz’s colonial historic...

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La Paz on Foot Takes the TAP Pledge!

In an effort to help clean up Andean landscapes and improve its performance on environmental impacts, La Paz on Foot has taken the Traveller’s...

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Andean Food & Farms 16-day Tour Supports Sustainable Food and Farming Systems in the Central Andes

In order to help conserve the millennial food and farming systems of the Central Andes, La Paz on Foot has launched a new Andean Food...

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La Paz on Foot Launches 16-day Andean Food & Farms Tours!

La Paz on Foot, a locally owned and operated responsible tourism company based in La Paz, Bolivia, has launched its Andean Food &...

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