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Creating treasured memories through adventure experiences

About Pro Niti Travel


Pro Niti is a team of adventure seekers who are constantly seeking new and exciting destinations within Myanmar to introduce to our foreign guests.

Not only do we search for exciting destinations, but we also uncover truly adventurous experiences to share with our guests. This includes the mountains and its colourfulhill tribes for which Myanmar is so famous. We meet up with village chiefs to get their permission to introduce foreign guests to their communities.

We pride ourselves in presenting to guests our rich and diverse culture of the many ethnic groups. It is beautiful to see our guest foster new friendships with the people of Myanmar, and to one day return to celebrate old friendships.

We explore idyllic beaches and hidden places along the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River where we can create memories for our guests. We play “Indiana Jones” among the ancient ruins and discover interesting facts about our rich history.

At ProNiti travel every single guest is treated as a friend, and therefore our service is personal and geared towards the individual, rather than towards large groups.

So, we are your friend in adventure travel across Myanmar. We create adventure, culture, ethnic, and ancient history experiences and do all the planning and execution, so you can have peace of mind while creating your own treasured memories.

Everything we do is different than the rest and we strive to do that better every day – ethical, responsible, eco-friendly, innovative and passionately!

Our mission

“We are providing personalized adventure travel services to leisure and business travelers. We plan and organize for adventure trips to explore culture and ethnicity. We are recognized for our excellence, integrity and innovation that culminates to satisfy guests with memorable experiences.”

Our services/Products

Myanmar Classic Adventure: We will show you the best of Myanmar, its history, culture of people in adventure experiences. Interact with local would be great to learn more about people.

Expedition to summit of snow capping mountain: Myanmar is really diverse and rich in natural beauty and resources. The people are unique and biodiversity would make you feel the real world. We created 12 ~ 14 days expedition to Mt. Phonyinrazi, Mt. Phongamrazi and Mt. Khakaborazi the highest mountain of Southeast Asia.

Ethnicity explore: There are over 100 ethnic group in Myanmar under major of 8 groups. We create adventure trekking and hiking in hilly region of Myanmar such as Chin state, Kachin State, Kalaw, Pindaya, and Hsipaw and even at Kayin state. Our trekking will give you the real experiences of adventure while you appreciate beauty of nature and hill tribes people’s unique living style, culture, traditions.


Why? Because we are awesome, and we really have a passion to help foreign guests to Myanmar create awesome memories.

We can come up with a list of 101 reasons why our guests choose Pro Niti travel. Let’s look at just a few of them:

  1. According to the most authoritative travel review website, TripAdvisor, we are excellent, so they awarded us with their “Certificate of Excellence”. We are so proud to be so excellent!
  2. We know our guests don’t buy travel planning. They buy, and really only care about what is important – the experiences, adventure and making travel dreams come true. The rest is all taken care of by our team so you can have peace of mind while creating beautiful memories!
  3. Our guests appreciate our commitment to responsible travel. Myanmar is still at the inauguration stage of tourism with many     communities never been exposed to foreign visitors. It is important to carefully introduce these communities to the positive impact of tourism.
  4. We are serious about eco-friendly living and conservation of nature so we encourage our guests to participate in this education process to the communities we interact with. We try hard to leave a positive impact wherever we travel. Our company commits an ongoing contribution of 1% of our profit to benefit these communities and create sustainable living.
  5. We allow our guests to get immersed in authentic local experiences at the level of their choosing.
  6. We focus on innovation in our creation of travel adventures and itineraries. We don’t believe in following the crowds, even though we do make sure our guests experience the classic destinations that make Myanmar such a sought after country among travelers.
  7. Our team, our guests, and our beautiful country are our most important assets. We are committed to protecting all people, animals, plants and places so dear to our hearts.

Our Activities

  • Ballooning
  • Beach & Watersport
  • Bicycling
  • Climbing
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Family
  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Nature
  • Photography

Our Destinations

  • Asia
  • Myanmar
  • Southeastern Asia