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The Volcano Giveth
Essential Safety Tips for Paddleboarding and Rowing
Get the Shot
South Korea: Where Local Cusine is a Culinary Adventure

When traveling to Korea, you can expect to be greeted by a local cuisine that makes the journey worth it for the food experience alone–not...

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The Best Hiking and Cycling Experiences in Korea for Culture Seekers

Trails with more than just a view For avid cultural explorers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a new travel destination in Asia, South...

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5 Immersive Cultural Experiences in Korea

South Korea offers a variety of immersive experiences that allow travelers to deeply connect with its distinctive blend of ancient...

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This piece, Flow, written by ATTA Ambassador & Media Member Huw Kingston, was originally commissioned to accompany the release...

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How The Electric Bike Is Changing Travel: Is An E-bike Worth It?

The electric bike revolution is here, and it’s changing the way we travel. With their innovative design, ease of use, and...

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The Land of Waves

As I lay in my cozy glamping tent by Tohoku's Tanesashi Coast, enveloped in the stillness between consciousness and sleep, the crashing...

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Pedals, Peaks, and Past

A Journey through adventure travel in Japan’s Shizuoka region With the majestic Mt. Fuji serving as a picturesque backdrop and...

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Through Lens and Line: Fly Fishing in Hokkaido

How Adventure Travel Inspires Chōwa Six of Japan’s 34 national parks reside in the northernmost main island, Hokkaidō. Shiretoko,...

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Whispers of Yakushima

Nature's Silent Guides Junichi had always been drawn to the serene allure of nature. Born and raised in a bustling city close to Tokyo,...

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Adventure along an active volcano in Lake Akan

The first thing I notice as I look out of my hotel room window in Lake Akan’s Tsuruga Wings is the silence – the quiet...

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Good feelings abound on surprising Shikoku Island

I’m trying to match my cycling pace to the rhythmic hum of the cicadas. The incessant drone of Japan’s ‘symbol of...

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Takigyo: Waterfall Meditation in Japan

I expected many interesting experiences when I left for Japan: sparkling skyscrapers, bullet trains, peaceful Japanese gardens, intimate...

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