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On The Water: Float, Row, Paddle and Surf Your Way Through Poland

Poland is a top destination for travelers looking to enjoy the great outdoors while exploring central Europe. Seasonally warm temperatures and pleasant...

Experiences That Give Back: MSR’s Adventures For Impact Initiative

What if your vacation could change a life? And not just one life, but many lives? And not in the often-cliché “I traveled to (fill in the...

Illuminating California's North Coast

It was a perfect sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing off the ocean.  The half-mile path sloping downward  was nearly empty.  That didn’t...

The Advocate

The Advocate is your go-to source for the latest adventure travel news.

Exploring Indochina: A Guide to Southeast Asia’s Melting Pot

Indochina– the geographical area of Southeast Asia that’s bordered by India to the west and China to the north– offers a melting...

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History of Japan's Nakasendo Trail

The Nakasendo Trail dates to the Edo Period, an era in Japan’s history spanning from 1603 to 1868, characterized by economic growth,...

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How To Eat Nabe?

The shared nature of Nabe cuisine, linked with the long history of this cooking method, dates back thousands of years to a time when...

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Seasonal Treats - Dango

Dango is a traditional Japanese snack, typically consisting of small Mochi rice balls served on a skewer. Perhaps the most famous...

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Discover the Unspoiled Beauty of Churchill Year Round

Discover the Unspoiled Beauty of Churchill Year RoundFrontiers North Adventures Releases 2019 Trip CollectionWinnipeg – May 8, 2018...

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Uz-Biking-Stan: Exploring the Frontier of Central Asia on Two Wheels

A cycling adventure quite unlike any other - But for those ready for a challenge an epic 14-day overland journey in the heart of central...

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The Lens

Mani Wall - Everest region, Nepal
Birdwatching in the Maule Region
Galapagos Island Wildlife
Azores Canyoning
Green Hills of Callahuanca, Peru
Durbar Square, Kathmandu - Nepal

On The Record

We find the most interesting stories in travel and share them with you On the Record.

Tourism Could Make or Break This Biodiverse Haven
Patagonia at Its Peak
Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland National Park: The Czech Paradise for Nature Lovers You Should Know Of
After 11 Years of Traveling Around the World, What’s Left? (Answer: A Lot)
Fairbanks Alaska Your Homebase for Winter Fun
Surviving and Loving My First Bike Tour in Basque Country