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Eight Travel Resolutions For 2020
Overtourism Is For Real: How Can You Help?
Sustainable Gear Guide
Australia Bushfires: Here's What You Need To Know

Were you considering a trip to Australia soon, or did you already have a trip booked for this year? If the fires are giving you pause,...

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Banff & Lake Louise

This Place Is Alive If there was no element of the unexpected in travel, none of us would go anywhere. And any traveler knows weather...

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What We're Reading

Here are a few articles that have recently piqued our interest. Enjoy! “The Blackfeet Nation is opening its...

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Water for Hwange

Wildland Adventures’ donor safari combines adventure travel with hands-on conservation Safely hidden within a half-buried shipping...

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‘Round Ireland with My Mother

“So you’re Americans?” the Irish police officer leans into our rental car’s driver’s side, peeking to...

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Walking Australia’s Wild West

Was it possible to drown in flowers, I wondered? Easing my way through endless fragrant orange and white blooms, it certainly felt...

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The Fast and the Furious: River Drift

It was somewhere under the hot sun of day two when I realized that stand-up paddleboards can drift sideways like a road racer. With...

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My Own Private Namibia

SOSSUSVLEI, NAMIBIA ––– “What an incredible transformation!” exclaims Tristan Cowley as we exit the gravel...

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Sake, Shrines, & Shinkansens: Authentic Adventures In The Land Of The Rising Sun

“Paddle, paddle, paddle!” yells Mark Treston, our river guide and owner of Happy Raft, a 15-year old guiding company located...

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Chills & Thrills: Icy Adventures Around Québec

It’s well past midnight, and I can see my breath as I burrow into my -20 degree rated sleeping bag. Surrounded on all sides by...

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Make The Most Of Every Moment In New Zealand: Try A Small Group Adventure

It’s been said that a journey is best measured in friends, not in miles, and at Haka Tours our core belief has always been that...

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Imagine accessing some of the most remote coastal areas in Central and South America with ease and comfort. Explore rarely seen exotic...

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