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What is Adventure.Travel?

Adventure.Travel is the go-to source for information on adventure travel that prioritizes sustainability, serves as a force for good, and transforms people and places. From research and trends to best travel practices, ideal gear, and destinations and operators with outstanding commitments to responsible travel, we have everything you need to make sure your adventures align with your values.

Life-changing travel must also be sustainable travel. By bringing together a growing community of people committed to traveling thoughtfully and considerately, we help shape the adventure and eco-tourism industry as it grows. In response to travelers’ desires, tour operators, destinations and travel advisors are increasingly working to ensure their experiences provide an unforgettable journey in a responsible, sustainable way. Such commitment in turn honors the people, environment and economies of incredible destinations around the world.

Through compelling images and well-crafted stories, research and curated news of interest, Adventure.Travel inspires the curious to try new destinations, branch out in their activities, interact deeply with nature, and experience different cultures in the most respectful way possible.

Buying Local and Sustainable (Not Mass Produced and Not Wildlife Products)
Using Reusable Water Bottles When Traveling (Not Plastic)
Protecting Children
Saving Wild Places
Respecting Community First
Protecting Animals
Learn What You Can Do
Supporting Local Economies
Leaving Only Memories Behind
Promoting Cultural Diversity and Protection of Indigenous People

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