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The Way

Evocative of journeys, trails, and visionary in purpose, The Way is Adventure.Travel’s hub for epic travel tales that evoke a sense of purpose. Read the world’s most inspiring journeys from our esteemed network of writers.

Water for Hwange

Wildland Adventures’ donor safari combines adventure travel with hands-on conservation Safely hidden within a half-buried shipping container, we...

‘Round Ireland with My Mother

“So you’re Americans?” the Irish police officer leans into our rental car’s driver’s side, peeking to see my friend and me...

Walking Australia’s Wild West

Was it possible to drown in flowers, I wondered? Easing my way through endless fragrant orange and white blooms, it certainly felt it. A day earlier I...

The Advocate

The Advocate is your go-to source for the latest adventure travel news.

Non-Essential Travel Essentials

Packing light is an art form and we salute anyone who achieves it (we try but don’t always succeed…ha). But, if you’re...

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Mexico Yoga Retreat :: Language Survival Guide

Language Rocks: Spanish Rules I once took a train ride from Spain to Italy during a month long trip in Europe. I had gathered enough...

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50 Years Of Antarctic Mountaineering

The 2016 Antarctic season marks 50 years since the first ascent of the continent’s four highest peaks by the American Antarctic...

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Which Trek In Peru Is Right For You?

Peru is filled with world class treks, allowing you to reach spectacular glacial lagoons, remote mountain communities, and even one...

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Impressions of Brazil | A Sketch Essay

My firstadventure in Brazilwas also my first step into exploring the continent of South America. Preconceived ideas and...

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Veteran Tour Operator Advises that Government Shutdown Should Not Halt Vacation Plans

Having Experienced Similar National Park Closures in the PastAustin Adventures Has Alternatives When Plan A is No Longer an Option An...

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The Lens

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On The Record

We find the most interesting stories in travel and share them with you On the Record.

Luck and Shipwrecks at the End of the World
6 Plastic-Free Ways to Travel with Safe Drinking Water
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Sacred Journeys: Enlightenment on the Rocks
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