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The Way

Evocative of journeys, trails, and visionary in purpose, The Way is Adventure.Travel’s hub for epic travel tales that evoke a sense of purpose. Read the world’s most inspiring journeys from our esteemed network of writers.

On The Water: Float, Row, Paddle and Surf Your Way Through Poland

Poland is a top destination for travelers looking to enjoy the great outdoors while exploring central Europe. Seasonally warm temperatures and pleasant...

Experiences That Give Back: MSR’s Adventures For Impact Initiative

What if your vacation could change a life? And not just one life, but many lives? And not in the often-cliché “I traveled to (fill in the...

Illuminating California's North Coast

It was a perfect sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing off the ocean.  The half-mile path sloping downward  was nearly empty.  That didn’t...

The Advocate

The Advocate is your go-to source for the latest adventure travel news.

Journey to the Most Intriguing Natural Phenomena on the Planet

Toronto, Canada. May 1, 2018:Whether looking up to the sky to spot the aurora borealis dancing over Iceland’s snow-capped...

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AdventureSmith Explorations Pairs Small Ship Cruises in Galapagos with Forays into Cloud Forest, Amazon...

Avid travelers with many worlds to see probably visit a far-flung region only once in a lifetime.A case in point is The Galapagos....

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Tasmania's New Must-Do New Hikes

Whether you're interested in snapping pictures of wildlife, or just walking in one of the most remote and unexplored places on earth,...

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Austin Adventures Revolutionizes How Americans Experience Europe with 2018 Roster of Multisport Vacations

A new trend is afoot. What for many years was the mainstay of adventure travel in Europe, the traditional bike tour no longer offers...

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Roraima Tepuy

Hike Roraima Tepuy and discover the amazing tabletop mountains from South America, which inspired Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous novel...

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Newest ‘G Adventures for Good’ Tourism Experiences Empower Local Women Through Adventure Travel

This International Women’s Day, G Adventures, in partnership with its partner Planeterra Foundation, is shining a spotlight on four...

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The Lens

Chefchaoouen: Morocco's Blue Pearl
Explore in Depth Parts of the North Coast 500: Torridon, Highlands of Scotland
Crossing a Rope Bridge in The Lacandon Jungle
Hiking in the Mont Blanc region
The World Birding Rally, Bird Watching Competition – Puerto Maldonado

On The Record

We find the most interesting stories in travel and share them with you On the Record.

Via Francigena: The Ultimate Walking Tour in Tuscany
A Journey Through Jordan
Under-the-Radar Travel: Chiloe Archipelago
Tourism Could Make or Break This Biodiverse Haven
Patagonia at Its Peak
Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland National Park: The Czech Paradise for Nature Lovers You Should Know Of