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Banff & Lake Louise

Posted: January 16, 2020


This Place Is Alive

If there was no element of the unexpected in travel, none of us would go anywhere. And any traveler knows weather will forever be the ultimate trickster. While sophisticated tracking and prediction has taken much of the guesswork out of what to pack and what activities to plan, the elements can still pull a fast one on everyone – meteorologists included.

There ensues the magic. How we react to changes in plan determines the richness of any trip. Redirection, adaptation, spontaneity – these are the real makers of memories, and certain places lend themselves beautifully to twists in the forecast. Canada’s Banff and Lake Louise tops the list. Check out this short video from a recent trip there, where seasons collided to create a frosty but delicious experience.


Main Photo © ATTA / Josiah Holwick