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Get the Shot

By Chris Kassar

Posted: March 16, 2020


Photo Essentials

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, but we’d add that the best camera is the one that’s also easily accessible and has enough battery life to work. Even the newest, most high-tech camera (or the one on your phone, for that matter) won’t be useful if it’s dead or buried in a backpack.  

Check out our gear recommendations—from brands you can be proud to support—to keep your camera (and other travel essentials) organized, at your fingertips, and powered up so you never miss another shot. 

ORGANIZE:Peak Design Everyday Backpack 

If you’ve ever spent precious minutes digging through your bag looking for the right lens only to completely miss the shot in front of you, then you understand the importance of a backpack that prioritizes ease-of-access and organization. 

Inside this sleek, well-designed backpack, 3 customizable FlexFold Dividers allow you to organize, compartmentalize and/or stack gear so it’s always easy to find; outside, dual side UltraZips provide full top-to-bottom access while unique MagLatch hardware allows extremely fast top access to your camera.  

Other awesome features include: dedicated laptop sleeve, tuck-away strap system and integrated luggage carry, expandable side pockets for water bottles or tripods.  Available in 20 L or 30 L sizes. $259.95 USD-$289.95 USD;

But, perhaps our favorite feature is Peak Design’s sustainability strategy, especially in relation to its Everyday Line camera bags. All bags have 100% recycled nylon and polyester shells and super-durable UltraZip zippers, (20x more durable than regular ones). Because zippers are the most common failure point of any bag, this proprietary design keeps otherwise perfectly functioning bags out of the landfill. Most fabrics are Bluesign certified and Peak Design, which became a Certified B Corporation in 2019, offsets 100% of its Scope 1-3 emissions through Certified Climate Neutral, an organization that Peak Design help to found in 2019.  

POWER UP: Goal Zero Charging Options 

Sherpa 100 AC Power Bank
Keep laptops, tablets, phones, and camera batteries humming takes the powerful Sherpa 100 AC Power Bank. Sleek and strong with a solar input, high speed power ports, wireless phone charging options and an integrated 100 W AC charger, the Sherpa does all the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping you powered up.  And, this ever-so-versatile piece can recharge in your car’s 12 V adapter, from a solar panel, or from the wall. $299.95 USD;

Venture 70 Power Bank Micro/Lightning
If you want something smaller, lighter, and built to battle the elements, look no further than the dust proof, waterproof Venture 70. Built within a rugged case to withstand wet, unpredictable weather or rough handling, this 19,200mAh powerhouse allows you to charge phones, tablets, cameras, and other USB-powered gear so you can get out and stay out longer. Recharge from a solar panel or USB source. $149.95 USD

Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel
Ideal for far-flung adventures, the Nomad 14 Plus is a lighter, smarter panel that charges USB devices, including phones, headlamps, tablets, and Goal Zero power banks directly from the sun. By employing an innovative technology that optimizes output based on the device you are charging, this panel increases efficiency. Detachable kickstand ensures optimal angle placement while an easy-to-read LED indicator shows the strength of the sun so you can reposition if necessary. $149.95 USD. Bonus: there are an array of Nomad Solar Panels from 5 to 28 watts for every need.