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Natural Habitat Adventures

By Christina Beckmann

Posted: September 2, 2020


A Leader in Climate Action and Zero Waste Travel

Boulder, Colorado-based Natural Habitat Adventures offers small group, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Carbon neutral since before it was popular (since 2007!) Natural Habitat Adventures combines an innovative approach to travel, personal attention to detail, and industry-leading sustainability practices to provide intimate encounters with Earth's wildest places. The company’s mission is conservation through exploration—protecting our planet by inspiring travelers, supporting local communities and boldly influencing the entire travel industry.  

The company walks their sustainability talk - not only pioneering a zero waste trip in 2019 that they recently summarized in a set of guidelines for the industry - but also supporting climate action. NatHab Vice President Ted Martens was a central advisor in the development of a carbon offsetting calculator for the adventure industry now in use by South Pole and ATTA through a program called Neutral Together that enables small travel businesses to participate in a group purchase of carbon offsets. In addition, NatHab offers traveller benefits through Tomorrow’s Air, a traveller collective funding carbon clean up with permanent storage.

Check out the NatHab Daily Dose of Nature webinars offered in partnership with World Wildlife Fund for more insights from the experts on conservation travel.

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