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Five Spectacular Wildlife Encounters in Just 36 Hours

Photo by Heritage Expeditions


Over a period of just thirty-six hours on the recent expedition 'Kamchatka Coast: Siberia's Forgotten Coast' expeditioners were greeted with one spectacular wildlife encounter after another.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the five images below tell the story of the incredible thirty-six hours aboard Spirit of Enderby.

The day started with a planned cultural performance in the village of Meinypil'gyno, followed by Gray Whale sightings, then Belgua watching, Spoonbilled Sandpiper nest viewing and finally an evening with Walrus.

The Spoonbilled Sandpiper viewing was made all the more special by the fact that the expedition had discovered a previously unknown breeding ground of this critically-endangered bird.  Read more about this find here.

Suffice to say, there is literally no other place on the globe that the expedition could have had these amazing encounters in the same timeframe.

The next 'Kamchatka Coast: Siberia's Forgotten Coast' expedition departs 27 June 2017 and more details on this expedition can be found online here.

See more information including images here.

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  1. Cultural performance in the village of Meinypil'gyno

  1. Gray Whale Sighting

  1. Beluga Watching

  1. Spoonbilled Sandpiper Nest Viewing - at a newly discovered breeding ground located by the expedition.
  2.  An Evening with Walrus