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Pink Dolphins Sighting


Posted: July 6, 2019

The playful pink river dolphin is one of the most loved amazon river species. Boating on the Amazon, we will stop to call the pink dolphins (bufeo colorado) to come and say hello. If you are quiet, you can see them swimming, leaping, and playing about near the boat.

Swimming with pink river dolphins

Because pink river dolphins are so friendly, swimming with them is possible on a guided boat excursion. They often swim right to the boat in order to get a closer look at their visitors. With the supervision of an experienced naturalist, don’t be afraid to grab a floatation device and jump in the water to get up close and personal with these gentle mammals.

If you are worried about potentially dangerous creatures lurking beneath the surface, there is really nothing to fear. Pink river dolphins have sophisticated sonar which allows them to send out electromagnetic pulses that bounce off of solid objects under water. If there are pink river dolphins around, then it is safe to say that there are not other predators posing immediate threat.

So make sure you bring your bathing suit and a waterproof camera. A snapshot of the pink river dolphin will definitely be one for the Amazon adventure scrapbook.