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Shuzheng Lakes in Jiuzhaigou National Park

Photo by China Greatway Tour

Posted: April 15, 2021

With a total length of 13.8 kilometers, there are more than 40 lakes (Hai Zi) of various kinds in Shuzheng Lakes, accounting for about 40% of all lakes in the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area.

In western China, in the north of Sichuan Province, between the Sichuan Red Basin and the eastern foothills of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau lies Jiuzhaigou - the Nine-village valley. In the midst of the magnificent mountains of the Minshan Mountains, Jiuzhaigou stretches for 50 kilometers and covers a total area of 720 square kilometers at an altitude between 1900 and 3100 meters. The Jiuzhaigou Natural Park was protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992.

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Photo by Yu Ning