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Traditional Tibetan White Houses in Xiangcheng, Kham, Ganzi, West Sichuan, Southwest China

Photo by China Greatway Tour

Posted: February 5, 2021

"White Tibetan House" is one of the "Three Uniques" and the most important brand of humanistic tourism in Xiangcheng. Its Tibetan architecture is unique. Because of the rich architectural practical experience accumulated by the rural people in the long-term production and life and combining the architectural art characteristics of the Naxi and Han nationalities based on the architecture of the Kham Tibetan area, it comes into being the unique architectural styles and architectural systems compared with other places on the Khampa Plateau and even the entire Tibetan area.

Traditional Tibetan White Houses are made of earth and wood, and it has strong local characteristics. The wall of the houses is built by ramming ordinary mud with suitable humidity, and in generally, the useful life can be over hundreds of years.

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