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View Gongga Mountain from Hei Shi Cheng

Photo by China Greatway Tour

Posted: March 29, 2021

Hei Shi Cheng (Black Stone City) is located on Gaoersi Mountain at the junction of Yajiang and Kangding counties in Sichuan Province. It is more than 4,400 meters above sea level. Here is the beautiful viewing platform to view and photograph Mt. Gongga (The King of Mountains in Sichuan) with 7556 meters above sea level. From here, you can also see Yala Moutain, Zheduo Mountain and other snow mountains.

Especially at sunset, the beautiful landscape of the Mt. Gongga panorama is more spectacular.

Many photographers come to Hei Shi Cheng to photograph the magnificent starry sky and milky way.

Hei Shi Cheng is not a city. It is located in Zhusang Township on the left side of the 2913 km milestone of G318 National Highway. It is a stone mountain. There are black mani stones everywhere, and you can experience a deep power of faith!

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Photo by Min Zhao