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5 Coolest Safari Group Nouns

Story by The Travel Yogi

Posted: April 25, 2019

Guess what?  We've got herds, zeals, prides, bloats and towers coming your way, and if you don't know yet what those are yet, you will now that The Travel Yogi is Kenya bound on an amazing 10 days safari yoga retreat!  We're heading off into Kenya's wild and although we are heading to a 'classic safari' location, this yoga adventure is as far from the tourists and as close to the nature as you can be.

So, to get you ready to sightsee like a pro, here’s a preview, and a crash course, of groups you’ll see on your one-of-a-kind yoga safari:


Herds - Kenya’s very own version of Ganesha.  The remover of obstacles.  Straight up, this big guy, can remove all sorts of stuff... he’ll plow right into it.  Imagine what that power looks like, feels like, in person.  Boom.

Zeal - You gotta love English sometimes.  Figure out for yourself if they were named for their infectious calls or their keen fashion sense...

Prides - Simba, maaaaany Simbas, live here.  We're thinking that our unique savannah practices will have a few downward facing 'cats' to work a little extra sighting juju into our yoga safari (ha).

Bloats -  It may just be us, but this dude doesn't look too happy about the hippos' collective noun.  Personally, I just want to know if their wiggly ears really do mean trouble (ala Disney's Jungle Cruise ride...ha!)

Tower - No guess work here!  These majestic beauties are top of our list for their loping grace and gentle calmness, or so we imagine.  We can't wait to have a million memories to prove that the truth can sometimes be better than our imaginations.

Now that you have the inside scoop on the 5 COOLEST safari animal group names, come see these spectacular sights with your own two eyes.  The Travel Yogi team is looking forward to marveling in Africa with you...

Never stop asking, #wherewillyogatakeyou?