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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Patagonia In The Shoulder Season

Story by Adventures Within Reach

Posted: August 3, 2017

The shoulder seasons in Patagonia are magical times! The shoulder seasons are September-early November, Patagonian Spring and late-March-May, Patagonian Fall. Read on for 5 top reasons to visit Patagonia in the shoulder season:

EcoCamp in the Fall

1) The winds are less intense, and the weather is more stable in the shoulder seasons (and it's only a few degrees colder on average than Dec/Jan/Feb).

Sunset in Torres del Paine

2) Patagonia’s Spring (September, October) and Fall (March, April, May) is when everything is in bloom or when the colors on the trees are starting to change - gorgeous!

Torres del Paine
Fall in Torres del Paine

3) There are fewer people in the park during the shoulder seasons.

Fall in Patagonia

4) Witness far more wildlife as few ever visit or call this area home. You can see pumas, guanaco, rhea, condor, etc.

Fall in Patagonia

5) Prices are cheaper in the shoulder season.

Glaciers in the Spring

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