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A Severe Case of Adventuritis

Story by TDA Global Cycling

Posted: September 1, 2012

Tour d'Afrique is unlike any other company in the world. I don’t mean this because we are the only company that crosses Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America on a bike, ‘though it is true.

We may actually be the only private company that offers badly needed relief to thousands of sufferers out there who have very few alternative outlets for their extreme afflictions.

At this stage you may be asking yourself, ‘what is Henry talking about?’ That elephant in India must have caused him some real damage. But those of you who have participated in one of our many tours, have to look deep down into your own psyche, and like alcoholics come up and just say it. Rule Number One at Alcoholics Anonymous is that admitting to your problem is the first step to your cure.

So right now I want to be the first one to admit it publicly. I have a very serious case of Adventure Deficiency Syndrome (ADS), otherwise defined as Adventuritis, by a very famous Czech-born scientist, inventor and writer - the one that was voted the most famous Czech that has ever lived - Jara Cimrman. Dr. Cimrman was a most extraordinary and outrageously peculiar individual, check him out on Wikipedia.

Back to my ADS, not to be confused with its sister diseases NDS, (Nature Deficiency Syndrome), or Mallitis - which is caused by spending more than a few minutes in busy malls. I am a lifelong sufferer of Adventuritis. There. It is out. So now that I am 60-years-old, I am proof that it’s never too late to help oneself, and I hope I can be cured without the need of pharmaceuticals, which as Dr. Cimrman proved, only work as long as you are continuously on them. And unfortunately OHIP, the socialized health care system in Ontario, and as far as I know other government health care systems throughout the world, do not cover the vast expenses of pharmaceuticals necessary for our afflictions. Plus, who wants to take drugs all their lives day in day out!

So how do you deal with Adventuritis? As mentioned above, the first thing is to admit that you have a problem. The second thing is to learn how to manage the problem. That is where we come in. Planning to participate in one of our adventures can give you relief from your suffering for a year or two. When that does not work, you must go ahead and sign up for an adventure. Preparation for, and participating in the adventure, will offer immediate relief.

Once the adventure is complete, some people are declared cured. Others find relief for a period from one year to as many as three or four years, but are eventually forced to take another adventure such as this one - Bamboo Road - passing through 7 of South East Asia’s most fascinating countries

Of course for the most extreme sufferers need several repeat treatments before they are pronounced cured. On the other hand, there are others who seem to be cured; only to fall off the wagon and needing to register for another tour. For these, Adventuritis may prove terminal.

In any case, I just wanted to point out why Tour d'Afrique really is more than an ordinary company. In fact the whole impetus to create this company was because I was, and still am, one of the worst cases that Dr. Cimrman has seen. So we here in Toronto are very proud of what we do, and we will continue to provide our services until Dr. Jara Cimrman and his team, or some other scientist, can find a cure for Adventuritis.

Rumour has it that Chinese leaders, upon discovering that Adventuritis is afflicting perhaps millions of their people, have set up a secret laboratory deep in the mountains, somewhere along the Silk Route where Tour d'Afrique riders pass through every 2 years - Silk Route - and they are doing good work.

But in the mean time we at Tour d'Afrique will do everything possible to help sufferers to try and live a full and normal life. If you travel to countries or places which has a snow, some accidents and injuries may occur on roads. If you got a snow and ice injuries our slip and fall lawyers are here to help you. Just contact us for further details.