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A short story

Story by EcoCircuitos Panama

Posted: March 20, 2015

EcoCircuitos team

After EcoCircuitos Panama started in 1999 many things have changed and evolved, now it is an internationally recognized and renowned business. When it originally began it was ecotourism company that focused on local perspectives with an aim to work with young international travelers. The name EcoCircuitos was chosen to acknowledge that the company was promoting ecotourism and responsible travel throughout Panama.

Since EcoCircuitos Panama was initiated, the ecotourism sector of the company has flourished and undergone innovated changes to target a more distinct market. By changing the style and content of its tours is has moved away from adventure tourism to sustainable tourism. An example is one of their newly developed products, kayaking the Panama Canal that is promoted in Lonely Planet Guide and described as a must to do in Panama.

Under the sole direction of Annie Young, EcoCircuitos Panama has continued to provide tourism products sold extensively to an international tourism market throughout USA, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia. In addition, EcoCircuitos Panama has been a part of since 2005, being recognized as the lead the company that has adapted its products to high-ended clientele United Kingdom (UK) market and becoming one of the first tour operators recognize by UK wholesalers.

This forward-thinking tour operator has emerged from adventure ecotourism, providing travel options to backpackers to exclusive tailor-made interpretative tours and packages. These services are provided in Panama and EcoCircuitos Panama also offers extensions to Central America. These options are available for mid to a high-end clientele. Also the EcoCiruitos Panama team has extensive experience both arranging and carrying out specialized programs for small groups. Some examples are historical sightseeing tours, academic groups to private contemporary art tours.