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Be an Advocate for Antarctica

Story by Adventure Life

Posted: February 10, 2015

Visiting Antarctica is not only a possibility these days, but it is becoming a highly desirable destination for adventurous travelers. This upcoming season, it is predicted that 37,000 tourists will make the journey to the Great White Continent. The accessibility and popularity of Antarctica tours brings up the question, “Is this responsible travel?”

This concern is discussed in a recent BBC News Magazine article, and the conclusion is that carefully managed tourism is not only acceptable, but it is useful to the conservation of Antarctica. The author states, “Without a native population of its own, Antarctica needs advocates and tourism creates a global constituency of people ready to support - and indeed fund - its preservation.” Of course, strict regulations of the Antarctic Treaty enforced by IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators), International Maritime Organisation, and other groups are necessary for this ideal scenario to remain true. As travel to this continent becomes more accessible, our company is trying to maintain the most responsible travel practices possible.

"It is better to have a certain level of responsible tourism than for it to go under the radar," says Jane Rumble, Head of Polar Regions at the British Foreign Office.

With a current discount of $1000 per person on November departures, one great option is the Ocean Nova cruise. Visiting Antarctica in November gives passengers the unique opportunity to experience the ice in its most pristine state. As the travel season to the continent has just started in November, the experience is very adventurous and feels like a true expedition into the untouched. The Ocean Nova expedition trip also gives travelers the opportunity to become advocates for the preservation of Antarctica.

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