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Posted: August 27, 2014

BikeToursDirect, which sends thousands of travelers on overseas bicycle tours each year, is offering itineraries through Europe and beyond combining cycling and cruising. Bike and boat tours have become increasingly popular, especially for cycle tourists and families who enjoy the option of rest days and experiencing the ambiance of the boat. Travelers who aren't up for cycling each day can participate in a side excursion or choose to enjoy scenery from the deck of the boat. It really is the best of both worlds.

Now BikeToursDirect guests can cover a lot of land and see the sights on more than 50 bike and boat itineraries. Each boat boasts comfortable accommodations and bathrooms, sun decks, a restaurant serving local cuisine and evening entertainment. Travelers have the freedom of cycling without heavy gear as their luggage is stored on the boat and just meets them at their destinations at the end of the day.

Europe is undoubtedly the most popular hub for these bike and boat itineraries. Europeans’ love for bikes and the continent’s infrastructure make for hassle-free bicycle tours. The regions’ bountiful waterways and unforgettable coastlines make a perfect landscape for the barges, riverboats and motor yachts.

The European river bike and boat tours, like the popular 8-day Danube Bike and Boat tour, meander through culturally-rich cities and vast farmlands allowing guests to experience man cultural hot spots and UNESCO Heritage Sites on dedicated bike paths. Bike and boat tours on motor yachts in Croatia and Greece offer a truly unique way to explore the Mediterranean coastline. Guests can discover historic harbors each day on their bicycles or rest aboard the yacht while taking a dip in the sea.

BikeToursDirect’s breadth of itineraries spans across the world and though bike and boat tours started in Europe, coastal countries like Vietnam just beg to be explored by river cruising and cycling. On the 15-day Vietnam by Bike and Boat tour, travelers cruise through the rocky fairytale world of the famous Ha Long Bay sailing on a modern hotel. Off the boat, guests connect with this unique landscape by bike and kayak admiring the lush green rice fields, meeting the friendly water buffaloes, and visiting colorful temples and pagodas. Riding through the Mekong Deltas, BikeToursDirect’s guests will visit the impressive monuments of the Vietnamese emperors as well as the historical town of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Most of the bike and boat tours average about 25 miles of cycling a day. Land cost for the European tours start at about 450€ and the bike and boat tour of Vietnam is 2540€ per person based on double occupancy. Each trip includes accommodation on the boat, most meals, cycling equipment and some guided tours. For a complete list of BikeToursDirect’s Bike and Boat tours, visit

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