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Bike Tours Around Chile and Argentina 2013-14: Cycling Clubs

Story by Amity Tours

Posted: July 24, 2013

Have you thought about where you are going this year on your bike? How does a bike tour around Chile and Argentina sound? Get your Cycling Club together and visit The Lake and Volcano district in Chile and Argentina. Amity can tailor-make any tour for you and your club members. Tell us what you want and we will make sure you get it. For now, until we hear from you…this is what we have for your Bike Club:

2013-2014 Bike Tours for Bike Clubs:

Chile 8 Days: In just 8 days you will discover what Chile is all about. With an average of about 50 miles a day, you will ride on some of Chile´s most beautiful back roads, rolling hills and enjoy the view of amazing volcanoes all around. You will ride on the famous 7 lake route all the way to the Natural Reserve of HUILO HUILO, a place so enchanting you won´t believe your eyes when you see the hotel and all the beauty around it!

Chile-Argentina 12 Days Bike Tour: Just like the 8 days tour, you will be amazed by the beautiful rack roads of these two beautiful countries.  With an average of about 50 -70 miles per day you will ride alongside the most amazing lakes and volcanoes.You will even get a little break from your bike to discover Chile´s and Argentina´s National Parks on a day´s hike. So if you are ready for an extraordinary experience on your bike with all your club buddies, come along and live the experience….The Lake and Volcano District of Chile and Argentina is waiting for you.