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Chile - Argentina Bike Tour 2013-14

Story by Amity Tours

Posted: October 19, 2013

Our Chile- Argentina Bike Tour has become one of our most asked for tours of the season. We have a group for this December that added a couple of extra days to the tour so they could climb the Villarica Volcano. Since the tour starts in Pucon, climbing the Villarica Volcano is something you might just want to do. It’s the perfect warm up before a bike tour around the south of Chile and Argentina. The bike tour turns into an 11 days bike tour, and the experience and adventure just add up. Imagine getting to climb an active volcano in the south of Chile to start up a bike tour. The adventure of the bike tour starts off very high up…on top of a volcano!

If 11 days is too much, the 8 days version of the bike tour around Chile and Argentina will take you down the most beautiful back roads of these two beautiful countries. One of the best rides of the tour is the one to the famous natural reserve of Huilo Huilo. The ride takes you alongside the most beautiful lake in the south of Chile. You ride up the hills with some of the best views of the bike tour. Spending a day in Huilo Huilo just adds a little bit of magic to the bike tour.

After a couple of days in the beautiful south of Chile, this 8 days bike tour takes you across to Argentina. Taking the ferry across a lake is definitely one of the highlights of this bike tour. After a couple of days of riding in Argentina, this bike tour takes you across the Andes on your bike back to Chile!

An 8 days bike tour around the Lake and Volcano District is just enough to see these 2 great countries. Although this bike tour is just 8 days, you will definitely experience the south of Chile and Argentina on your bike and enjoy the best food and wine. Since you get to go to 2 different countries on this bike tour, you get the best of the two.