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Climbing Fix Departures 2020 with Shikhar Travels

Story by Shikhar Travels (India) P. Ltd.


Mountaineering in India has gained momentum because with insights into the rich culture of the locals, their traditions, art, and heritage are provided so that the guests can connect on a personal level. Mountaineering in India requires proper infrastructure and equipment. It should be noted that India is a land of lofty mountains and high passes so it is always better to be accompanied by the experts in this vertical. 

You can be a successful mountaineer only if you respect Mother Nature and keep the sanctity of the mountains as it is. Mountaineering expedition in India is pretty exciting as well as challenging but it isn’t an impossible task… just imagine how will you feel at the top of Mt. Nun, Mt. Kun, Mt. Satopanth!

Mountaineering in the Himalayas is really fun-filled and with proper guidance, you can ascend the mountain in no time. Nature has a lot to offer it is just that we too need to be responsible. 

India is considered to be by far the best place for mountaineering because if you look at North India, most parts are mountainous. You will get the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature here plus the adventure of climbing up is just enthralling. The best mountaineering company in India can take you to places like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir, Sikkim, Ladakh, where mountaineering is done extensively.

Indian mountain climbing tours in India can be really exciting and fulfilling when you have the best experts to guide you all along. We are one of the foremost mountaineering tour operators India and have supported more than 400 successful climbs to date. Reach out to us today if you wish to make your mountaineering tours and climbing in Indiatruly memorable.

Find out the best mountaineering package that we have, and embark on an exciting journey!

Our fixed departure tour and travel is a sort of both individual and group tours to visit the itineraries of Indian spiritualism and all India destinations of the fairs and festivals. Under this fixed departure tours, travelers have a fix departure date and itinerary as per the schedule of spiritual activity or on the date of fair and festival. There are so many destinations for wildlife, cultural and high hill mountains to explore.

These guaranteed departures are open to all Indian and International Mountaineers. However, there is a reduction in price for Indian Mountaineers because of the fact that they do not need to pay the booking fee to the Indian Mountaineer Foundation.

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