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Don’t Be a Flightless Cormorant: Free Airfare to The Galápagos!

Story by Southwind Adventures

Posted: January 28, 2013

Of the Galápagos Island’s unique cast of species, the Flightless Cormorant isn't the prettiest. It isn't the bird species that inflates its big red throat or the one that flashes its bright blue feet. The Flightless Cormorant is most known for what it cannot do – fly. Over evolutionary time, the cormorants of the Galapágos gave up flight and mastered diving, so their wings have become scruffy, small and useless for flight. 

Flightless cormorant

Humans, on the other hand, still need flight. The Galápagos Islands can only be reached by plane from mainland Ecuador. For a limited time, Southwind Adventures and Metropolitan Touring are partnering to offer a special deal for travel to the Galápagos. Sign up before January 14th 2013 for a designated spring 2013 departure of Southwind Adventures’ Galápagos Wildlife Odyssey aboard the M/Y La Pinta, and receive free round-trip airfare between the Galápagos and mainland Ecuador.

La Pinta, outside view

Southwind Adventures’ Galápagos Wildlife Odyssey is a classic 11-day itinerary to one of the world’s most coveted nature and wildlife destinations. It includes a comprehensive 8-day sea voyage aboard one of the finest vessels in the islands, the M/Y La Pinta. This generously proportioned first-class ship with a small yacht atmosphere offers the highest levels of comfort, safety and service. Arriving at far-flung uninhabited visitor sites that are only reachable by small cruise ship, the M/Y La Pinta makes an ideal base of exploration of these remarkable islands.

Bonus: an upgrade to Casa Gangotena in Quito

Added bonus: We’ll also upgrade your 3 nights in Quito to accommodation at Casa Gangotena, a premier boutique hotel in Quito’s historical center. Newly opened in 2012, the restored mansion looks out onto San Francisco plaza and dazzles its guests with luxury in every detail.

Start your year off right with the trip you've been dreaming about. Act fast – this offer represents around $1,800 of savings per couple, so reserve your space soon.

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