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EcoCamp Patagonia’s Mini Documentary Takes Viewers On New Wild Horse Tracking Program

Story by Cascada Expediciones

Posted: June 1, 2018

At EcoCamp, we meet exceptional travelers every day who have made their way to these far-flung southern lands in the name of exploration. While their reasons for coming to Torres del Paine are varied, our guests share one thing in common: their desire to step out of their lives, however briefly, and connect again with nature.

But what's it like to visit Torres del Paine for the first time? To find out, we turned to some of the best: our guests.

Travelers' Tales video series

In our Travelers' Tales short video series, the stories are our guests’, told verbatim about their journey alongside other hikers in the wilds of Chilean Patagonia. Through this series we have experienced our guests’ sensation of smallness against the vast backdrop of Patagonia, reconnection to loved ones, and watched as a new spark or moment of inspiration struck them, ready to inspire them again once at home.

Highlighting the individual experience in such vast surroundings is a privilege and responsibility, says Timothy Dhalleine, Guest Engagement Manager, and series Producer.

"Living there the entire season gives us access to places off-limits to others; though this also comes with responsibilities. It’s good to know that we not only tell stories that inspire and enlighten but also educate travelers about the power of Patagonia and our duty to tread lightly and protect its fragile environment."

The experience of tracking Wild Horses

Most recently, EcoCamp Patagonia have produced a short video highlighting their Wild Horse Tracking excursion, a program in which travelers - under the guidance of expert trackers and using professional tracking equipment - are able to locate and observe Torres del Paine’s wild baguales, or wild horses; some of the last world’s last herds.

Participants in this program are always pleased to see the great care that is taken not to disrupt the horses’ mountain rituals. “Their main objective is to observe the herd and watch the behaviour of the animals,” program participant Lisa Walters says. To achieve this, very small groups are taken to restricted areas of the National Park, reserved for scientific study. “They do this while keeping enough distance that you don’t frighten (the horses). They do it very respectfully,” remembers Lisa. Guides lead participants across non-commercial paths, always being careful to provide an encounter between hikers and herd that is respectful to the horses, yet inspirational - and even spine-tingling - for the participants.

"Watching the horses in such a beautiful place is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It makes you feel that there really is nature out there, without everything around, people, and everything else." Lisa Walters, EcoCamp US Traveler, December 2015

Tracking the Wild Horses of Patagonia
The trackers always keep a good distance with the animals not to frighten them

Hiking to spot the wild horses of Patagonia
Even though you're not lucky enough to sport the horses you will love the place!

Wild Horse Tracking and Wildlife Safari at EcoCamp Patagonia

  • The Wild Horse Tracking excursion is available in March and April as part of EcoCamp’s much-loved Wildlife Safari, alongside a selection of biking, trekking, and nature walks.