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Experience the Power of Nature at Iguazu Falls

Story by Say Hueque | Argentina & Chile Journeys

Posted: June 13, 2015

Attention, nature lovers and adventurous travelers! If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit Iguazu Falls, Say Hueque Argentina Adventures has the perfect tour for you! Different from any other Iguazu Falls tour, our Power of Nature tour is specifically designed for those with a fascination for nature.

Iguazu Falls National Park is filled with wildlife, and while a normal visit to the falls may allow you to encounter some of these unique species, our Power of Nature tour opens up a new realm of possibilities for you to discover the native plants and animals of the Iguazu jungle. Accompanied by a naturalist tour guide (a guide who specializes in all things nature), you will have the opportunity to not only see the most common animals, like the monkeys that casually swing above your head, but also the more rare types of plants and animals that can only be seen if you know where to look. Tanagers, ant birds, toucans, manikins, parrots, trogons and tyrant flycatchers are just some of the native species that will thrill you.

Toucans are just some of the wildlife you will see on our Power of Nature tour at Iguazu Falls

In addition to seeing these rare plants and animals up close, another benefit of having a naturalist guide with you is the information you will receive about these unique species. While anybody can enjoy seeing animals, having a personalized guide to explain the details of the animal and its habitat is an incomparable experience and one that nature lovers will undoubtedly appreciate. Ask as many questions as you like; the intimate setting of the Power of Nature tour is nothing like your average tour.

To top off your day in nature, the Power of Nature Iguazu Falls tour also includes a lunch that you will enjoy with your guide. After a morning of walking, spotting birds and taking countless photos you will find a place right along the trail to stop for a picnic. However, this is not your typical picnic. This gourmet picnic includes delicious food that you will enjoy in the shade of the jungle, all the while accompanied by your small party for a truly intimate experience.

If you’re someone who loves nature and adventure, our Power of Nature tour is the perfect way for you to see the incredible Iguazu Falls. To find out more about this tour or to start planning your trip to Argentina, contact Say Hueque!