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Exploring Ancient Japan by Bike

Story by Grasshopper Adventures

Posted: August 25, 2017

Bike through the past on a picturesque journey in the spiritual home of Japanese culture and ancient history.

The ancient capital of Kyoto, aside from being an aesthetically stunning modern city, is also like a living museum. Quaint narrow alleyways, traditional style wooden houses and cherry blossom lined canals combine to give you a visual taste of Japan's rich history and culture.

The contrast of this well-preserved history and tradition against the country's very enthusiastic embracing of cutting-edge technology is an odd mix of Yin & Yang that is curiously in harmony and makes Japan such a unique destination.

You can be lost in the serenity of a temple ground's zen garden one moment then find yourself whizzing along on a high-tech bullet train the next.

Venture beyond Kyoto's city limits and into the surrounding countryside and towns for an even deeper dive into traditional Japan. Out here much of the glitz & glamour of the modern cities have been shed in favors of traditional aesthetics.

And exploring by bike is the perfect way to experience this. Japan itself is much like the modern bicycle, an intriguing mix of old tradition combined with new technology, and it is a very bike friendly country with well-made roads and courteous drivers.

But did we also mention the food! Japanese cuisine is world-renowned, with a focus on freshness, attention to detail and immaculate presentation. There is a diverse range of delicious specialties to choose from and something to please every palate, from simple meals to more ornate and gourmet experiences.

Ancient temples, spiritual gardens, mountain-top villages and wooded forests all await your exploration, along with delicious food, fascinating culture, and incredibly hospitable locals.

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