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Fantastic Family Trip to China!

Story by Quivertree Family Expeditions Inc

Posted: February 12, 2014

We recently received a fabulous trip report from one of our families who traveled to China. Of course they went to the Great Wall, Xian, volunteered at the Giant Panda Research Base, hiked, biked and kayaked, found out how to find clothing manufacturers in China, and ate with locals. But the most interesting and fun report we received was of something one doesn't hear about often:

"But truly one of our childrens' most favorite activities for the whole trip was when we visited Huanglongxi Old Town on the way to the Leshan Buddha.  This town has a cascading man-made waterfall/stone creek which runs through a large portion of the town.  This was the scene of an all-out water-gun fight of such that I have never seen.  We purchased $3 plastic water guns for our boys (which were for sale everywhere) and it was on!  They were immediately attacked by all the Chinese children, especially the girls. They were followed the entire time by a gaggle of children and some adults as we walked our way through the pedestrian streets of the town.  It was so funny to watch and they got absolutely soaking wet and had such a great time.  Our guide, CiCi (who we really liked), waited so patiently on us. I would suggest all families with children to visit this place and wear swimsuits!"

We really try create special experiences for our traveling families![gallery]