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Flyfishing in Tierra del Fuego

Story by Chile


Fly fishing is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Tierra del Fuego due to the great abundance and size of the species that live there. The wealth of trout includes Brown Trout (or Farios), Rainbow, Sea Run Brook and Steelhead making this area the best in Latin America to practice the sport.

In the north of the island stands the River Side, located in the middle of the Pampa Fueguina, and where you can find great abundance of Fontinalis and Brown trout.  One of the most attractive places to practice this sport in Tierra del Fuego is Rio Grande, considered the best river in the world in its category for Sea Run Brown Trout Fishing.  These trout have an average of five kilos, and even up to 14 kilos, and are a huge draw for fishermen worldwide. In this area, fishing is both fascinating and surprising given the geographical surroundings and contrast of the Pampa and Cordillera de Darwin.

White Lake is ideal for Rainbow and Brown trout fishing, weighing between two and 14 kilos. The lake is a favorite spot for anglers who also like water sports, all in a pristine environment of Lenga forests.

Further south is Lake Desire where one of the main activities is fly fishing and spinning. There you can find Brown and Rainbow trout.

Lake Fagnano is one of the southernmost destinations that offer not only beautiful scenery, but also great fishing conditions. The best area is Rio Azopardo which is a short river for catching Rainbow trout, Fontinalis, Farios, Sea trout and Salmon. This is a clear water river that flows into the Almirantazgo with spectacular views towards the Cordillera Darwin. With a boat, visitors can travel parallel along the river, offering stunning views along the way to Almirantazgo.

In the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego is Rio Condor, a landscape of native forest with views of the Strait of Magellan and the Cordillera de Darwin, where it is possible to capture fish like Fontinalis and Róbalos.