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French Riviera Walking Tour

Story by The Blue Walk

Posted: March 14, 2020

Imagine coming home from your vacation feeling lighter, more energized, stronger, relaxed, and on top of the world. Isn’t that what vacations are supposed to do? They can. Experience The Blue Walk France walking tour, guided small-group vacations along the French Riviera.

Hiking boots or backpacks are always optional, never required. Our exclusive morning customized itineraries of seaside walking trails and urban sidewalk strolls bring you to the Mediterranean’s best-loved towns around lunchtime. On our morning walks explore Nice, Cannes, Menton and Antibes. You have the Riviera as your playground each afternoon. It’s a beautiful, fun, feel-good vacation.

The scope of Blue Walk France walking tour extends along the beautiful French Mediterranean coastline, from Menton and the Italian border on the east, to Cannes on the west. We cover several sections by foot, hugging the coast, wandering through the best-loved cities and villages of the Riviera. We include as many sentiers, or walking trails, as possible. Typical walking days average between 2-4 hours of walking including stops and breaks.

There are convenient train and bus stops scattered along our route allowing us to customize your day for shorter or longer walks. Our Blue Walk France walking tour program includes a one-week unlimited use train pass for our entire route. You can hop on and off whenever, and wherever you like.

Guided walks are in the mornings, leaving after breakfast and arriving at our destinations between lunchtime and mid-afternoon. Most afternoons are free to explore at your leisure. Travel at the speed of you. This is the European vacation you’ve been looking for.