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Guyana Jungle Survival Tour Unveiled by Adventure Life

Story by Adventure Life


Missoula, MONTANA - Adventure Life, a leader in authentic small group tours, has created a unique jungle survival itinerary in the small co-operative Republic of Guyana.  Inspired by intrepid travelers who prefer a hands-on adventure, this eight-day excursion offers training on jungle camping, shelter and fire building, and food gathering during a survival course with an Amerindian guide. Combine this off-the-trodden rainforest experience with visits to Georgetown, remote Amerindian villages and Kaieteur Falls for a comprehensive Guyana adventure. For more information, call Adventure Life at 800-344-6118 or visit here.

“Known as the ‘Land of Many Waters’ Guyana has one of the largest unspoiled rainforests in South America,” said Adventure Life General Manager Jonathan Brunger. “Many parts are virtually inaccessible by humans and more than 80% of the country is still covered by forests.”

After arriving in the capital city of Georgetown, guests fly to Annai and continue by 4x4 vehicles to Surama Village, deep in the rainforest savannah. Surama's inhabitants are from the Makushi tribe and still observe many traditional practices.  Guests spend the afternoon being introduced to basic jungle survival skills, such as collecting food and fuel for fires, and end the day at Rock View Eco-lodge.

In the morning, guests are joined by a Makushi guide and begin a day-long jungle training to learn how to build an overnight shelter, fishing and hunting skills, as well as techniques for gathering food and water. Training culminates with an overnight in the remote jungle.

“The Makushi guide shows you how to make fire with traditional materials,” said Brunger.  “He demonstrates their method for hunting and fishing, and constructs a wabini [elevated platform] to observe the wildlife at night.”

Exploring the Iwokrama Rainforest Reserves by 4x4 vehicles is next on the agenda. The forest is gaining international acclaim for its healthy jaguar populations, and travelers often encounter agouti, tayra, puma, parrot, trumpeters, tapirs and black curassows. After a busy day of top-notch wildlife viewing, guests relax at the rainforest lodge.

A morning flight takes guests back to Georgetown for a guided city tour, highlighting unique architecture and old colonial homes. Georgetown's famous Stabroek Market, once described as a "bizarre bazaar", contains every conceivable item from household goods to gold jewelry. The Botanical Gardens and zoo are home to the world's most all-encompassing collection of tropical flora, and more than 100 species of Guyanese wildlife.

The trip finale is a flight to Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls.  Kaieteur is the world’s highest free-falling waterfall and nearly five times the height of Niagara. This natural beauty is very remote and it's likely to be the only ones viewing it on any given day.  The flight continues onto Orinduik Falls before returning to Georgetown to conclude this epic tour.