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Highest Peak of Europe : Mount Elbrus

Story by Shikhar Travels (India) P. Ltd.


Mount Elbrus, a snowy mountain in Russia. Europe's highest point was 18,510 feet. Its beauty and difficulty attracted a large number of adventurers.

Before attempting the top, smart climbers researched the mountain's size, climate, and two main peaks. The 15,000-foot elevation was a difficult yet popular goal.

Why was Mount Elbrus so well-known?

Apart from being extremely tall, it also provided a good combination of excitement and was not too difficult to climb. The adventure was more than just climbing to the peak; it was like experiencing a winter wonderland full of interesting plants and fauna.

Now comes the exciting part: "Ratracks."

These appeared to be huge snow machines that were capable of reaching the summit of a mountain. They were known as "rattracks" by the locals. Consider the following : A snow monster transports passengers and equipment on a four-hour journey. It was like a hero, guiding climbers to enjoyable cabins and making the route more bearable.

So the brave travelers walked off for Elbrus, ready to write their own story. It wasn't simply the tough climb; it was an amazing journey in the country of snow and victory!

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