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Hot Air Balloon Safari in the Serengeti

Story by Adventures Within Reach


A balloon safari in the Serengeti is the quintessential safari experience!

You are picked up at your lodge or camp before sunrise and driven to the launch area. Upon arrival, they are preparing the balloons and the baskets.  The pilot gives all passengers a safety briefing.

There are four compartments that “seat” 4 people each — 16 people total per balloon and 2 balloons.

The balloon basket starts on its side. Everyone loads up sort of sitting and sort of on your back with a harness around your waist.

They fill the balloon with hot air — it is hot and noisy.  The basket finally tips upright and then you take off into the air.

The balloons go up high for wide views and down low to see animals up close.

At the end, the balloon lands with a pretty good bump.  It’s better to get pictures and video of the take off rather than the landing.  The pilot pops the champagne and tells some lovely stories to celebrate your trip.

The safari cars meet you at the landing site and drive you to the breakfast tables.  It is a full English breakfast out in the bush with champagne.

After breakfast, they drive you back to the Serengeti Visitors Center with game drive en route to meet your safari guide.

If you are at one of the main lodges, there will be a briefing the night before the balloon ride.

This is a definite must-do for any safari to Tanzania!