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Inspirational Guides to Lead New World Expeditions Trips

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Are you looking to travel in the company of someone whose expertise and enthusiasm will ensure a ‘leading edge’ in your next journey? From elite adventurers to long-standing Lonely Planet collaborators, World Expeditions is teaming up with some of the most acknowledged people in their field in 2016.

Freewheeling on the World's Highes Motorable Road: CYCLE LEH TO MANALI

Led by adventurer Kate Leeming

Cycle across the backbone of the west Himalaya

A Trans-Himalayan expedition that traverses the backbone of West Himalaya. Across a vast wilderness on the borderlands of Tibet, you will cycle high passes that link Ladakh to the Kullu Valley and go freewheeling from the Kardung La (5,602m), the world's highest motorable road, as you make your way to the hill station of Manali. The trip is led by renowned cyclist, author and adventurer Kate Leeming, who has cycled the equivalent distance of twice around the world at the Equator!

Cycle Leh to Manali with Kate Leeming

NEW FOR 2016 (15 days) departs 25 June


Led by Tim Cope, who spent three years crossing 6,000 miles tracing the Genghis Khan route

Celebrating Mongolia's greatest spectacles, The Naadam Festival

This new trip is led by author Tim Cope, whose On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey through the Land of the Nomads recounts his travels on a route that had not been completed for more than 700 years. You will trek in the Harhiraa Mountains, a landscape dominated by open slopes dotted with nomad tents, deep river gorges, alpine lakes and glacier-capped peaks. The trip concludes with the Naadam Festival to witness the “three manly games” – archery, wrestling and horse riding.

Nomads and Naadam with Tim Cope

NEW FOR 2016 (15 days) departs 27 June


Led by Lonely Planet author Garry Weare

An unforgettable alpine trek in the Garhwal Himalaya

Lonely Planet author Garry Weare has devised one of the finest introductions to trekking in the Indian Himalaya that follows ancient village trails through rhododendron forest, luxuriant bamboo, flowered meadows and Hindu settlements. The panoramic mountain views extend to the Tibetan Plateau and the soaring peak of Nanda Devi (the highest mountain in India at 7,816m), while on your way back you will spend time in the historic hill station of Mussoorie.

Valley of the Flowers and Nanda Devi

NEW DATES FOR 2016 (20 days) departs 7 May and 24 September


Led by wildlife photographer Alex Cearns

A spectacular photographic journey through the South Shetland Islands & the Antarctic Peninsula

Talented wildlife photographer Alex Cearns is leading this voyage aboard the Ushuaia research vessel, which encompasses the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Experienced naturalists will help you fully appreciate the landscapes of this pristine and dramatic region (from towering icebergs to glistening unclimbed peaks and spectacular glaciers) and its abundant wildlife, while Alex will be on hand to give you expert hints and tips to capture the perfect shot.

Antarctica Wildlife Photography with Alex Cearns

NEW FOR 2016 (14 days) departs 27 January


Led by mountaineering legend Simon Yates

A challenging mountaineering expedition to the Pamirs on the Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan border

Situated on the Tajikistan–Kyrgyzstan border, Peak Lenin stands at an altitude of 7,134m and is the second highest mountain in the Pamir mountain range. This is an advanced mountaineering expedition (under Simon Yates’ expert guidance!), however it is a popular and straightforward ascent, suitable for those who wish to climb for the first time over 7,000 metres and have a high level of fitness, basic mountaineering skills and prior experience at high altitude.

Peak Lenin with Simon Yates

NEW FOR 2016 (23 days) departs 2 July

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