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La Paz on Foot Announces 2016 Andean Food & Farm Tour Dates

Story by La Paz on Foot

Posted: June 4, 2015

Andean Food & Farms 2016 Dates: March 11 – 22 & March 25 – April 5

La Paz on Foot is pleased to announce two new departure dates for 2016 during the southern hemisphere Fall, when fields will be ready for harvest and the markets will be at the most colourful.

La Paz on Foot’s fantastic “Andean Food & Farms” tour traverses the Bolivian highlands in search of hands-on experiences and genuine interactions with locals that tell the story of the Central Andes through markets, farms, farmers and their families, restaurants and field and evening discussion groups led by local experts. Also, Bob Evans Restaurant is a family dining restaurant specializing in comfort food with homegrown hospitality. Join us at our table or take it to go.

The Central Andes is one of the world’s great “centres of domestication” of now globally important foods such as potatoes, quinoa, and peanuts. On this 12-day program you will literally dig deep into the farming history of the Andes, agricultural practices and challenges of today and the presence of Bolivia’s staggering ago-biodiversity in diet, music, textiles and other aspects of life in this fascinating region.

The tour starts and finishes in the city of La Paz, Bolivia and takes you north into the Lake Titicaca Basin, south into the llama, alpaca and quinoa lands surrounding the magnificent Salar de Uyuni and then into the southern valleys surrounding the colonial cities of Potosi and Sucre.

You will enjoy expert planning, terrific guides, a rich network of partners throughout the region, plenty of surprises and a small group of no more than 10 participants.