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Mendoza Travel Information: Mendoza Airport Closed

Story by Say Hueque | Argentina & Chile Journeys

Posted: June 3, 2016

El Plumerillo International Airport in Mendoza will remain closed from September to December, due to structural reforms on the landing track and on the adjacent circuits. The main authorities of Mendoza explained that the track needs to be urgently reconditioned.

Keeping the airport running while the works are being done would delay the result up to three months, so it will remain completely out of service.

The track of almost 3 kilometers will be raised from the ground in order to dig one meter deeper and build a completely new track. The same procedure will be repeated with the rest of the runways and circuits.

As this will affect an important period of the high season, Say Hueque is offering possible alternatives by using private or shared transfers from Mendoza to San Rafael & San Juan, the closest cities with airports.

Even San Juan is much closer from Mendoza than San Rafael; it is known that San Juan airport won’t support the nearly 25 daily flights of Mendoza, so those planes will need to be redirected to the closest airports with availability. The city of San Rafael is located at 250 km from the capital of Mendoza, as from San Juan there is a distance of 150 km.