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Nepal 2020 & Beyond | Top 10 Lifetime Experiences

Story by socialtours


From Planting Rice to Viewing the Highest mountains on earth, Nepal is a country of lifetime Experiences. Here is a handy list of ten such Experiences that will enrich your holidays

  1. Viewing the Highest Mountains on Earth from land or air
  2. Mountain Biking the Deepest Gorge in the World
  3. Indulging in the local cuisine, and learning how to cook
  4. Debating Buddhism with a monk
  5. Celebrating rice with locals
  6. Understanding Nepali Coffee from Crop to Cup
  7. Journeying into Beyuls (small valleys where Buddhism was preserved)
  8. Bunjying from a 160 m high suspension bridge
  9. Dancing with Shamans at a high altitude lake
  10. Searching for the Elusive Tiger

All experiences that can be designed into journeys that are memorable and leave a lasting impact.