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Why (the new) Adventure Travel Is Good For You

Story by The Travel Yogi

Posted: February 9, 2020

Adventure travel and the wellness industry have collided in a big way over the past decade. The intersection of these two worlds has created a growing niche of adventures that are oh-so-fun and vastly different than a standard holiday. Joining a wellness adventure trip means you’re not willing to surrender your workout endorphins for cultural immersion and adventure adrenaline, and why should you? Experiencing something new will spark new passions and get you out of your comfort zone, and keeping yourself wrung out and grounded offer familiarity and openness. Honestly it’s a mystery why this amazing blend was so long in the coming! So, let’s get into why wellness adventure travel is good for you and why it should seriously top your travel wishlist.

Balance On The Road: Zen Out to Tune In

We’re all guilty of taking on too much throughout our day, whether that be at work or in our personal lives. Yep, that means you (and us too!). Yoga and adventure retreats grant you sweat and serenity; a wringing out to open up. There’s nothing better than being a stranger in a strange land who has a cheat sheet to peace of mind and tranquility. We’re all at our best when we feel balanced, so hit the mat and then the streets to open yourself up to the new sounds, smells, tastes, and experiences you have waiting for you. Practicing balance and mindfulness, in all aspects of life, promotes mental clarity and capacity, so why wouldn’t you take it on the road? Nothing says ‘open to new adventures’ like those first few moments coming out of savansana. Mixing your wellness and adventure travel simply makes the adventure post-yoga a very real reality.

The Culture Shock: How To Immerse In The New

Signing up for an adventure means you’re ready to open your mind to immersing in, say Bhutanese culture. By default and design, you’ll be stepping out of your comfort zone and learning something new. A little freak-out is all part travel, especially when serious immersion is in the itinerary. Here’s where we’re going to sound like a broken record, but the key to moving through the ‘omg’s is balance. Whether you’re going solo or with a group, take the time to breath, flow through an asana, and center yourself. If a five-minute meditation works when your boss just upped your deadline, it’ll work when foreign is your new normal. Once you’ve found a little zen, you’ll be ready to dive in and make the most of your adventure. Here’s the cool part about travel in general and Bhutan specifically, it’s a very welcoming culture! You’ll find most people are curious and happy to meet you in most spots around the world and your openness only enhances that. Oh, and by the way, Bhutanese food is seriously uh-mazing; you want to be so open and ready for that! So, trust us, wig-out, breathe, balance; it’s all part and parcel, and yoga adventures have your back here. Step out of your comfort zone—you’ll be so happy you did.

Getting Outside: Forest Bathing For Dummies

We all know that getting outside is good for us but who has the time? Booking a vacation that gets you outside makes you your own doctor. Forest bathing (or just getting away from the electronics for most of us) can reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness, and free up creativity, among many other benefits. Get this: studies have even found that being outside can help you age better (can you say “goodbye wrinkle cream?”) and sunshine can reduce seasonal depression. So, word to the wise, make sure your adventure trip is full of, yup, adventure! Look for hiking, biking, kayaking, yoga, running, snorkeling, and etc. in the description of the itinerary, and make sure it’s all relevant to your destination. You want to make sure you’re snorkeling in Gálapagos and mountain biking in Patagonia, not the other way around. Make sure you’re building in time to explore Mother Earth as she helps heal you. You’ll find forest bathing for dummies (ie just getting out of doors) on holiday is healthy, fun, and cool.  

Now you’ve got the skinny on why a wellness adventure is cooler than say a booze cruise. There’s a time and a place for everything, for sure, but you’re here, reading, so we’ve probably already got one or two things in common. Head out with us for the balance, the exploration, and the adventure. We promise our adventure retreats are unlike anything else and prove it every day on the road as you immerse in a new culture, sample the local delicacies, make new friends, and stay healthy and balanced in the process! You’ll have at least one new favorite food and a gajillion new memories before you return home.