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New Rock Climbing Trip With Cedar Wright

Story by World Expeditions


Cedar Wright made a dramatic entrance to the Radical Reels night he emceed at the Banff Mountain Film Festival two years ago. His energy and enthusiasm for adventure was contagious and spread to all of us in the crowd. World Expeditions is a proud supporter of this epic festival that takes place each fall in Banff, Canada and every year we await it with great anticipation.

Those who have attended the event, in Banff or at one of the thousands of screenings around the world, know how exciting it is to hear all those stories of remote journeys, ground-breaking expeditions, and cutting-edge adventures. And if you have, you also know the feeling as you leave the theatre, thinking that anything is possible.

Anything like…  going on a rock climbing trip with Cedar Wright?

Limestone Crags Costa Blanca

Exactly! We’re so stoked to announce our rock climbing trip in Costa Blanca with Cedar Wright. Starting on 3rd March 2018, you will climb some of the best routes of the Costa Blanca region while developing skills, building confidence, and enjoying an unforgettable rock climbing experience!

You’ll also enjoy the company of a filmmaker, rock climber and accomplished adventurer with a distinctive, goofy sense of humor (seriously, have you seen SufferFest?).

It will be a very exclusive group, as only six people will have the chance to join. Will you be one of them?

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