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Osumi's Canyons,Albania

Story by Albania Rafting Group


Osumi Canyons is not only one of the Best Tours in Albania, but also an incredible monument of nature. For all the outdoor lovers, the wild terrain passionate´s, you are in the right place! Join us who firstly brought rafting in Albania 20 years ago, and proudly continue with the highest standards.

Osumi Canyons is located in the region of Skrapar, not far from the city of Berat.

We hope rafting is going to be love at first sight for you. For us, it is the vessel in which we let our energy flow with no reserve and get back from it the biggest adrenaline rush. While we have done this countless times, still every time, the river flow, the sound of the water splashing around, the air rushing through the canyon walls hits us with a different kind of energy. For some hours we give echo to the canyon and he rewards us with zest.

The 3 milion year canyon engulfs you, and you become part of the adventure. You get the possibility to travel with your body in the present and your imagination in the past, millions years ago.

It seems like you are plunging to the core of the earth. The hollows, natural sculptures, waterfalls flow in different shapes. You go through natural wonders as the Cathedral, the champagne waterfall, the devils gate and the love waterfall, as legend says those who kiss under it remain forever in love.