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Panama: Above & Beyond The Canal

Story by The Travel Yogi

Posted: March 29, 2018

Sure, the canal is cool and all, but Panama is a country that excels at all things tropical, natural and awesome, so why get stuck on your grandparents cruise through the canal?  The city vibes around its historic heart of Casco Antiguo; stroll the streets that Captain Morgan pillaged and get wrapped up in the intrigue of its more recent street gang past.  Soak up the sun on the beaches of Bocas del Toro and sail to Zapatillas and Dolphin Bay to spy the resident namesakes. Enjoy the monkeys that frequently clamber over our rooftops and the tropical birds that are always up for a serenade.  Swim, snorkel, explore, dine and absorb all of this tropical paradise (above and beyond the canal).

panama yoga retreat

PS. Fun factoid: Did you know that Panama hats actually come from... (drumroll) Ecuador?! Ecuadorians sold the hats (locally known as a 'Toquilla' or 'Montecristi') to travelers heading west during the California Gold Rush. Add in a Toquilla wearing FDR in Panama overseeing the canal constructions and, voila!, the 'Panama Hat' was cemented as the nom de plume in English speaking countries.