Peaceful Bliss :: Bhutan

Story by The Travel Yogi

Posted: March 22, 2019

Mention the name ‘Bhutan’ and immediately the mind conjures up images ancient temples and smiling locals. Mention ‘Bhutan yoga retreat’ and pictures of downward dogs amidst breathtaking Himalayan vistas spring to mind (and are totally accurate). Their properly famous Gross National Happiness program has brought attention to this small landlocked nation and their strict tourism program preserves their unique culture, ethereal villages and incredible monasteries. Here’s how visiting the Land of the Thunder Dragon will help cultivate a peaceful bliss that’s uniquely your own.

It’s a Country Focussed on Happiness


Bhutan measures its progress by Gross National Happiness (yes, really). And when a government places a true premium on happiness, it shouldn’t be shocking that this landlocked country is continually ranked as one of the most cheerful countries in the world. Smiles beget smiles and it is impossible to be in Bhutan and not think about being happy, finding happiness and seeing what’s truly important in life. Consistently sitting atop many a traveller’s wish list, the remote, relaxed and beatific way of life in Bhutan translates into happiness for locals and those lucky enough to visit.

There’s Ample Opportunity for Adventure


Spellbinding beauty and ancient culture are just the beginning of any adventure in Bhutan. The country is also brimming with a dazzling array of unique adventure options including hiking, biking, kayaking, white water rafting, and rock climbing. Bhutan adventure is how you balance serene monastery visits and chilled out savasanas. Balance is happiness… Bhutan just seemed to figure this out a few years ahead of the rest of us… :)

It’s the Perfect Setting for a Digital Detox


Average Americans spend 23.6 hours online each week. It’s obvious that most of us need recurrent escapes from the digital world. Studies show that choosing getaways that hone in on wellness – with little-to-no access to technology – help prioritize personal downtime and relaxation, beneficially impact mental health, promote mindfulness, and boost overall physical and emotional decompression. It’s time to experience life unfiltered and unplugged.

Arriving is Just the Beginning


As part of our Bhutan Yoga Retreat Adventure, we’ll undertake a full-day trek to Tiger’s Nest, the holiest site in Bhutan, morning and evening yoga sessions, white water rafting on the Mo Chu River, hike to the Cheri Goempa Monastery and visit with Buddhist monks. We’ll also visit Pangri Zampa Monastery, where we’ll get up close and personal with the Buddha Dodernma, one of the world’s largest Buddha statues, have the opportunity to hang a prayer flag and receive a blessing from a local monk. Bhutanese culture and daily life balance our wellness adventure on this moveable feast through the Land of the Thunder Dragon.