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Peru Announces Tram to Another Remote Ruin

Story by Adventure Life

Posted: December 12, 2014

Following last year’s announcement to build a tram to the ruins of Choquequirao, the government of Peru has announced plans for a second tram to the ancient Chachapoyas fortress of Kuelap. To see these remote ruins in their current, barely visited state before the trams are built, book Adventure Life’s Chachapoyas Discovery trip or the Choquequirao Trek.

It is anticipated that by the end of 2015, the first aerial tramway in Peru will be built to the remote Inca ruins of Choquequirao. What, to-date, has been a several day trek on sometimes steep terrain would now be accessed in a matter of minutes from the comfort of a cable car. This historic sister-city to Machu Picchu that currently gets just a handful of hikers each week could see 3,000 visitors per day.

Now, another remote ruins site in Peru is slated to get a cable car.  A Peruvian Times article explained that a cable car system will be built to the Kuelap archaeological site. These Chachapoyas ruins in Peru’s north are currently off the beaten path and remarkably underexplored. The goal of this new cable car is to accommodate as many as 1,000 visitors to Kuelap every hour.

Jonathan Brunger, General Manager of Adventure Life said, “Choquequirao and Kuelap will always be magnificent.  Nothing will change that. However, the overall experience is sure to be very different in the future. So, now is the time to go if you want to see these ancient ruins in their current, barely visited state.”

If you want to see the remote Kuelap fortress in the cloud forest of Peru's northern Amazonas region

before the crowds arrive, Adventure Life offers a Chachapoyas Discovery trip which visits Kuelap as well as several other remote ruins in the area.

The Chachapoyas Discovery trip is a 9-day trip from $2,195 that explores Chiclayo and the Tucume Pyramids and Sipan ruins before continuing into the cloudforest to the lost civilization of Chachapoyas. This trip in northern Peru features visits to the huge mountaintop temple and fortress of Kuelap, the Leimebamba museum with its collection of 200 mummies, and the Revash tombs. There is an optional hike to Gocta Falls, the world's third tallest free-falling waterfall. Details can be seen here.

Adventure Life’s Choquequirao Trek is a 12-day trip from $3,450 including Lima, Cusco, five-days of hiking and camping getting to and from the ancient city of Choquequirao, and a visit to legendary Machu Picchu. Details can be found here.