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Story by SeaTrek Sailing Adventures

Posted: June 5, 2017

Come cruise with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures to one of the most beautiful and remote corners of the earth on the 24-berth Ombak Putih, a classic, wooden pinisi ship, that offers great food, great service, loads of fun and adventure, with a small and intimate group of like-minded travellers. Entitled Wallace Trails & Sails III, this 10-day, expert-led cruise is led by Dutch naturalist, Alexander Reeuwijk and will follow in the wake of the great Victorian naturalist and explorer, Alfred Russel Wallace, co-discoverer of the Theory of Evolution by natural Selection along with Charles Darwin. Along the way you will be enthralled by the natural beauty and the cultures of the area, as we visit local villages, explore virgin jungle, see magical birds of paradise in the wild, snorkel the most biodiverse and beautiful coral reefs on the planet, see the magical birds of paradise, kayak through lush mangroves, paddle and play on picture-perfect white-sand beaches, and enjoy the luxury of cruising the open ocean amidst the comforts of a small wooden ship.

Most nights you will be given short, pre-dinner lectures by Alexander, and by day there will be plenty of snorkelling, wildlife viewing, island hopping, adventure and fun in the sun.

As a special offer to ATTA members who book direct, SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is offering a special price of $4,500, down from the regular retail price of $5,995.

Contact [email protected] for more information.