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ROW Adventures, the active travel company for Americans visiting Cuba, Launches

Story by ROW Adventures

Posted: May 27, 2016

ROW will offer seven different active adventures in Cuba legal for American Travelers

Sea kayaking in Cuba

With over 37 years of experience running active travel tours, over 330 days of on-the-ground research in Cuba, and the goal of connecting travelers to the people, communities, and wildlife of the places they visit, ROW Adventures announces the launch of their new brand, Cuba Unbound. Coupled with a new travel resource site,, ROW Adventures is the active travel resource in Cuba for American travelers.

ROW’s interest in Cuba started long before the current tourism craze. Recent policy changes regarding American travel to Cuba opened the doors to new opportunities. Rather than introducing several “shotgun itineraries” for a few years until the honeymoon period of Cuban travel is over, ROW is setting itself up to be the active travel authority for US citizens in Cuba.

“All along, the goal has been to dig deeper, find out how we can bring Cuba travel to Americans in a more meaningful, enriching way, and to really put our roots down. We’re here to stay,” says ROW founder Peter Grubb.

After a successful first year running eighteen small-group, people-to-people kayak tours in Cuba, ROW decided it was time to introduce a broader collection of tours that appeal to a wider range of interests. Trips include two kayaking tours, two cycling tours, a National Parks tour, a photography tour, and a "Classic Cuba" tour exploring rum, classic cars, and cigars.

ROW spent the last year exploring ways to offer traditional Cuban destinations in a better way, as well as seeking out the little-known spots that also offer superb experiences. ROW’s tours, which can be found on, include a lot of firsts for the American traveler in Cuba – the first kayak tour, the first national parks tour, the first pure cycling tour. These tours will thoroughly fulfill the country’s active travel niche for Americans who want to legally explore authentic Cuba.

“At the end of the day, what it boils down to is that Cuba embodies everything ROW is about – active travel, cultural immersion, people who want to share their stories, incredible wildlife viewing, hands-on adventures, and rich, fulfilling experiences,” says Grubb. “So we created the brand and the resource that provides travelers with all of this.”